Mythic Journeys Events
The week of June 7th through June 15th, 2014, The Birth of Color, A Marriage of Darkness and Light will be recorded with a 60 person chorus in Budapest Hungary.  
The Birth of Color is one of the original inspirations for the Mythic Journeys Arts Festivals and Conferences but was itself delayed in production in order to produce the first Mythic Journeys. This recording is the precursor to the full performance anticipated in Atlanta, Georgia in 2015.
Mythic Journeys, Mythic Imagination and SICA present
Creativity in Captivity
in Puebla, Mexico 
August 11th and 12th, 2014
The gorgeous Teatro Principal, the oldest opera house in North America, will be the setting for the latest Creativity in Captivity concert. The stories of the composers are narrated in between a wide range of musical styles, sensibilities and moods that evoke the earned humanity of people living in the most wretched circumstances, yet still defiantly creating.
We must be willing to get rid of the life we’ve planned
so as to have the life that is waiting for us.
– Joseph Campbell
Bob Walter’s visit to Atlanta was inspiring in all ways – his talks and conversations, the gathering of people that came together to deepen each other’s lives and the film itself. The film series with speakers and artists will continue in 2014. 
SEPTEMBER 12th, 2013
with Special Guest
President of the Joseph Campbell Foundation
Lefont Theatre

Lefont Sandy Springs

5920 Roswell Rd., Ste. C-103

Atlanta, GA 30328


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The most important thing that myths teach us is to go beyond

the limits of our possibility.

Robert Walter, president of the Joseph Campbell Foundation, speaks eloquently in the above excerpt from the inspiring new movie, Finding Joe.  Finding Joe is about the work and impact of Joseph Campbell, the most influential mythologist in history.  

On September 12th, we plan to show Finding Joe at Atlanta’s Lefont Theater surrounding it with a day of discussion on mythology and how it applies to our lives.

Here is the schedule for September 12th:

1:00 pm  —  Lunch with Bob for the Kickstarter level-six pledgers

 4:00  –  5:30 pm  —  Conversation with Robert Walter and Honora Foah on Revisioning the Hero at the Phoenix and Dragon Bookstore

 7:30 pm  —  Finding Joe with talk by Robert Walter



November 15th
@ 7:30
The Plaza Theater
10 bucks
“I think of the story, the his­tory, as a myth. The film has to do with mythical truth, not historical truth; it has to do with man taking over the world on his own terms for the first time,”  Boorman explains. 
“What I’m doing is setting it in a world, a period, of the imagination.  I’m trying to suggest a kind of Middle Earth, in Tolkien terms. It’s a contiguous world; it’s like ours but different. I want it to have a primal clar­ity, a sense that things are happening for the first time.”







June 14th at the Plaza Theatre at the corner of Ponce de Leon and Highland in Atlanta, Mythic Imagination will present our second film in the Mythic Movies Series: STARDUST.

Written by Neil Gaiman and directed by Matthew Vaughn Stardust is the tale of a fallen star who crashes into an otherworldly kingdom and inflames a diverse crew of seekers with a diverse group of desires, which they all think can be fulfilled by capturing her.They want the star for love, power, eternal youth and riches—but what does the star want? Damaged by her fall, the star is in terrible danger. Kings and pirates, The cast:

Claire Danes
Peter O’Toole
Michelle Pfeiffer
Robert De Niro
Ricky Gervais
Sienna Miller
Rupert Everett
Charlie Cox…  

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Testaments of the Heart was exactly that. Performed at the Schwartz Center on Emory University’s campus on September 28th, it rescued a corner of the story of the Holocaust from cliché and ignorance and false familiarity.To be in the room as music that has been in suspended animation for 70 years, suddenly comes alive through the extraordinary talents of members of the Atlanta Symphony, the St Philips Cathedral choir, Maestro Michael Palmer, actress Janice Akers, pianist Will Ransom, Soapbox Studios and many others, was to be changed, to be witness to what is possible, and ultimately what is necessary…. 

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In the worst of all circumstances how is it possible to retain our humanity? September 28, 2010, Mythic Imagination will inaugurate a year-long program, Creativity in Captivity. The opening evening of September 28th will be a concert at the Schwartz Center at Emory University in Atlanta. The music was all written by people inside the concentration camps of Nazi Germany. Dr Francesco  Lotoro has spent the last 18 years racing against the dissolving history of the Holocaust to find, document, copy…

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The mythic journey of Steve and Whitney Boe that began with their stumbling into the Mythic Journeys Conference and Performance Festival in 2006 has become the film Mythic Journeys. It has been officially released this April and is now available for sale and for screenings. The screenings of the film have become events in themselves. Please check with us to see when there are screenings and ancillary events in your area…

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