Art is science made clear.

– Jean Cocteau

Recombinant DNA is a performance cycle created by Honora Foah. The first piece is The Birth of Color: A Marriage of Darkness and Light, a creation story that pictures the opening of the universe as an unfolding of vibrational frequencies, as is told in the ancient Indian Vedas.  But this story uses the new scientific understandings of dark matter and dark energy, the insights of Goethe’s color theory of perception and the joys of the latest astrophysics, as the basis for its tale.

The story is told with narration, but is essentially an oratorio with music written by Lucio Ivaldi.  The audience is surrounded by the singers and by lights, lasers and projections which immerse them in an unfolding octave and spectrum, as the colors come into being.

 The other works in the Recombinant DNA cycle have the working titles:

Siva and Sati/DeSire Shine DeLight

Mr and Mrs Hades Amazing Journey to Pluto

Magdalene in Altimira

Elizabeth and Viktor or What DNA Means to Me


Paradise Trees

 All are love stories whose underlying image is the genius and sacrifice of sexual reproduction and the ever more amazing wonder of DNA.

 God made everything out of nothing, but the nothingness shows through.

– Paul Valery